Notícias - Classes at High School are awesome!


Just imagine around 20 students immersed in the North American culture, language and school curriculum twice a week, all afternoon. This is what Colégio Nacional proposes for its High School program. We sat in on one of the classes and it was enchanting.

The subject: Speech I. The teacher: Todd, born in the U. S and graduated in English as a Second Language. Our next class: English 9A with Ruy Barreto, a South African born citizen with a degree in Linguistics. Both teachers,  professionally prepared and fully experienced, have been cherry-picked to engage students in a plethora of worldly topics which they would hardly have the opportunity to be part of in conventional Brazilian schools, like Health and American History, to name but a few. The teachers have proved to be passionate and attentive within the art of teaching.

Students, in turn, responded with remarkable enthusiasm to carry out their written and spoken assignments, which are later to be recorded and submitted for evaluation at Mizzou, the entity responsible for certifying the High School Project at Naça, in association with The University of Missouri. It is utterly forbidden to speak Portuguese during class, which, besides working on the textual production in the English Language, leads students to develop the practical art of communication in  spoken English. In the long run, “The prize”: each student will be awarded double certification, which enables them to apply for a position at any North American or International University which accepts such certification.

Check the snapshots below of one of the classes: